How to do a hundred pushups

Proper Push Ups

Push Ups

  • Lay flat on your stomach
  • Put your hands on the ground at the width of your shoulders.
  • Keep you body straight.
  • Raise your body by straightening your arms.
  • Don't bend your torso backwards.
  • Your entire body should now be resting on your palms and toes only.
  • Do every push up by bending and straightening your arms only.
  • Do not lay on the ground between push ups - only your palms and toes should touch the ground.

This is how it's done.

There are also other types of push ups - some are easier and some are more difficult. You can adjust your training to your needs.

"Easy" Push Ups - The easier version of push ups

This form of push ups is intended for people who are not able do normal push ups described earlier in this text. "Easy" push ups are a great way to build up you endurance and strength and prepare you to do the normal version.

You do the easier version exactly the same way as  the normal one. The only difference is that we don't rest on our toes but on our knees. It is good to do these push ups on soft ground to protect the knees. This can be a towel or a mat.

One hand push ups

One hand push ups are intended for sportsmen and are extremely difficult to do. As you can see in the picture, legs have to be spread quite widein order to give us sufficient balance.

Also, the wider you put your legs the easier it gets to do these push ups. Your torso, of course, has to be straight all the time.

Remember that only if you are really strong and fit and you can do 100 normal push ups without a problem, it is wirth starting one hand push ups - it really doesn't make any sense doing otherwise.

Also remember - these push ups aren't that healthy because the muscles in your body don't work symmetrically.

We would rather encourage you to do normal push ups.