How to do a hundred pushups

56-60 Push Ups

If you did 56-60 push ups in the test
Day 1 – 60 seconds (or more) between sets
set 1 30
set 2 44
set 3 40
set 4 40
set 5 max (minimum 55)
Minimum 1 Day Break
Day 2
45 seconds (or more) between sets
Day 3
45 seconds (or more) between sets
set 1 22 set 1 26
set 2 22 set 2 26
set 3 27 set 3 33
set 4 27 set 4 33
set 5 24 set 5 26
set 6 23 set 6 26
set 7 18 set 7 22
set 8 18 set 8 22
set 9 max (minimum 58 ) set 9 max (minimum 60 )
Minimum 1 Day Break Minimum 2 Day Break

Pushups and Their Role in Various Sports

Certainly! Pushups are a quintessential exercise that transcends beyond the realm of general fitness and finds vital applications in various sports. Here, we explore how pushups benefit athletes across different disciplines, reinforcing strength, endurance, and agility.

1. Football

In football, both the upper and lower body strength are vital for players. Pushups help in building a strong upper body, which is crucial for blocking opponents, tackling, and protecting the ball. By incorporating pushups into their training regimen, football players can develop the chest, shoulders, and tricep muscles, enhancing their ability to withstand physical challenges during a match.

2. Basketball

Basketball players require agility and upper body strength to excel in the court. Pushups are instrumental in strengthening the core and upper body, which aids in improving shooting accuracy and ball handling skills. Moreover, a strong core, developed through pushups, helps in maintaining stability during quick directional changes, which are a common part of the game.

3. Baseball

Baseball players can greatly benefit from pushups as this exercise helps in developing the muscles involved in pitching and batting. A well-rounded pushup regimen can assist in building strength in the shoulders and wrists, areas that are heavily relied upon in baseball. Additionally, pushups promote better posture, aiding in a more potent and precise swing.

4. Volleyball

Volleyball demands swift movements and explosive power, especially from the upper body. Pushups help in conditioning the muscles required for powerful serves and spikes. Incorporating various pushup variations can aid in developing the multifaceted muscle groups utilized during a volleyball match, fostering enhanced performance on the court.

5. Swimming

In swimming, upper body strength plays a pivotal role in determining the power and speed of a swimmer. Pushups are an excellent exercise to augment shoulder strength and endurance, aiding in more potent strokes. Furthermore, pushups help in fortifying the core, which is vital for maintaining a streamlined position in the water, reducing drag and enhancing speed.

6. Martial Arts

Martial artists require a blend of strength, agility, and endurance. Pushups aid in building a strong upper body, which is essential for delivering powerful strikes. Moreover, the exercise helps in enhancing balance and stability, attributes that are vital for executing complex moves and techniques prevalent in martial arts.

7. Gymnastics

Gymnastics demands an exceptional level of strength and control over one’s body. Pushups, being a bodyweight exercise, align well with the training demands of gymnastics. By developing shoulder stability and core strength, pushups assist gymnasts in performing intricate routines with grace and precision.

8. Rowing

Rowing is a sport that predominantly relies on upper body strength. Pushups serve as a foundational exercise in a rower’s training regimen, aiding in the development of the muscles involved in the rowing stroke. By strengthening the chest, shoulders, and triceps, pushups contribute to a more powerful and efficient stroke, which is central to success in rowing.

9. Hockey

Hockey players benefit from pushups as this exercise aids in building a robust upper body, necessary for powerful shots and passes. Moreover, pushups enhance core stability, which is vital for maintaining balance during swift and often physical gameplay.

10. Tennis

Tennis players require a strong and agile upper body to deliver powerful serves and groundstrokes. Pushups help in developing the shoulder and wrist strength, which can contribute to a more potent game. Additionally, the exercise aids in fostering a strong core, enhancing stability during quick directional changes, a common occurrence in tennis.

11. Rugby

In rugby, physical strength is a requisite for success. Pushups help in building a formidable upper body, which is vital for tackling, rucking, and mauling. By incorporating pushups into their training, rugby players can enhance their physical resilience, aiding in a more dominant presence on the field.

12. Track and Field

Athletes involved in track and field events, especially throwers and jumpers, can benefit from pushups. This exercise helps in developing the upper body strength necessary for events like shot put, javelin, and discus throw. Moreover, for jumpers, a strong core developed through pushups can aid in better posture and alignment during jumps, potentially enhancing performance.


In conclusion, pushups serve as a versatile exercise that finds applications across a myriad of sports. By fostering upper body strength, core stability, and overall endurance, pushups aid athletes in achieving peak performance in their respective disciplines. Whether it's enhancing the shooting accuracy in basketball or contributing to a more potent stroke in rowing, the humble pushup stands as a cornerstone exercise in the training regimen of athletes worldwide, underscoring its importance and effectiveness in fostering sporting excellence.