How to do a hundred pushups

When You Reach 100

Have you reached 100? CONGRATULATIONS!

Your arms and chest are now really well built, far more better built than arms and chests of most of the people.

How to maintain 100 push up level of fitness

When you reach 100 push ups, it would be really good to retain this level. This way your muscles can be really developed and strong for the rest of your life.

In order to reach this goal you have to do push ups every other day.

You are by now experienced enough to plan a training for yourself, but you can also use a our example and build on that:

  • Monday: do 100 push ups
  • Wednesday: do More than 60
  • Friday: do as many push ups as possible (minimum 100)
  • Weekend: take a break :)

This training is rather diverse so there is a chance that it won't bore you too quickly. Thanks to it, you will train really hard at least once a week, so you will stay fit.

Training of other muscles and of the body in general

We would also encourage you to train other parts of the body. Aerobic exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. complete push ups training perfectly. They will help you keep your body beautiful and fit for many years to come.