How to do a hundred pushups

41-45 Push Ups

If you did 41-45 push ups in the test
Day 1 – 60 seconds (or more) between sets
set 1 27
set 2 29
set 3 25
set 4 25
set 5 max (minimum 35)
Minimum 1 Day Break
Day 2
45 seconds (or more) between sets
Day 3
45 seconds (or more) between sets
set 1 19 set 1 20
set 2 19 set 2 20
set 3 22 set 3 24
set 4 22 set 4 24
set 5 18 set 5 20
set 6 18 set 6 20
set 7 22 set 7 22
set 8 max (minimum 35) set 8 max (minimum 40)
Minimum 1 Day break Minimum 2 Day Break

Push-Ups and Aging Gracefully

Introduction to Push-ups for Older Adults

As individuals age, maintaining muscle strength and bone density becomes imperative. Push-ups, a quintessential bodyweight exercise, can be an excellent way to help older adults stay fit and healthy. The beauty of push-ups lies in their versatility and adaptability, making them suitable for people of all age groups, including older adults.

Benefits of Push-Ups for Older Adults

1. Muscle Retention: As people age, muscle mass naturally decreases. Push-ups can aid in muscle retention by providing a whole-body workout, focusing especially on the upper body and core strength.

2. Bone Density: Regular push-up exercises can help in maintaining or even increasing bone density, an important aspect considering the propensity of older adults to suffer from conditions like osteoporosis.

3. Balance and Stability: Integrating push-ups into their fitness regimen helps in improving balance and stability, which can, in turn, prevent falls and related injuries.

4. Cardiovascular Health: Push-ups are not only strength training exercises but also offer cardiovascular benefits. Performing them at a moderate pace can help in maintaining a healthy heart.

Modified Push-Ups for Older Adults

1. Wall Push-Ups: This variation is perfect for beginners or those with limited upper body strength. Standing a few feet away from a wall and pushing against it targets the same muscle groups as a traditional push-up but with less strain.

2. Knee Push-Ups: This variation reduces the pressure on the wrists and shoulders, making it a gentler alternative for older adults looking to build upper body strength progressively.

3. Incline Push-Ups: Using a sturdy table or bench to perform incline push-ups can be a good way to gradually transition from wall push-ups to more advanced forms.

Incorporating Push-Ups into a Fitness Routine

1. Start Slow: Older adults should start slowly, possibly with wall push-ups, gradually moving to more advanced forms as their strength and confidence increase.

2. Consistency is Key: Like any other fitness regimen, consistency is vital. It’s beneficial to establish a routine that includes push-ups regularly.

3. Seek Guidance: Before embarking on any new fitness routine, it’s advisable for older adults to seek guidance from fitness professionals who can tailor exercises to their individual needs and capabilities.

Safety Measures

1. Proper Technique: Emphasizing proper technique is crucial to prevent any potential injuries. Older adults should focus on maintaining a neutral spine and engaging their core muscles throughout the exercise.

2. Avoid Overexertion: It's important to listen to one’s body and avoid overexertion. If any discomfort or pain is experienced, it’s best to pause and reassess.

3. Warm-Up and Cool Down: Incorporating a proper warm-up before starting and a cool-down phase after finishing the workout can prevent muscle strains and other injuries.

Community Engagement

1. Group Activities: Older adults can participate in group activities where they can learn and perform push-ups together, fostering community engagement and mutual encouragement.

2. Sharing Experiences: Sharing experiences and progress with peers can be a motivating factor, encouraging consistent participation.


In conclusion, push-ups can be a valuable addition to the fitness routine of older adults. With proper guidance and by adhering to safety measures, older adults can reap numerous benefits from this versatile exercise. The journey of integrating push-ups into one’s routine should be gradual and respectful of one’s physical capabilities. Through consistent efforts, older adults can unlock a healthier and more active lifestyle, aging gracefully with the support of push-up exercises.