How to do a hundred pushups

Rules of the Programme

The rules of the Push-Ups Programme are simple:

  1. Do the test. Result of the test will help you choose the training cycle suitable for your level of fitness.
  2. Choose a training cycle based on your test results. For example, if you've done 7 push ups, start the programme from the 6-10 cycle. If you've done 12, start from 11-20 cycle, and so on.
  3. Carry on with the training using the instructions from the given cycle. Remember to rest between the training sessions for at least one day and after 3 sessions - for at least 2 days. Muscles don't like being overworked, so if you exaggerate, your efficiency will start to drop insead of rising. Some people will notice that longer rests between training days give them better results. You also have to remember that the older you get the more time you need to regenerate.
  4. If during a cycle you weren't able to do all sets of push ups for a given day, don't worry. Rest for 2 or 3 days and then try again. Every time you do that, your strenght and fitness will rise and eventually you will complete the 'day" and move to the next.
  5. After finishing a cycle rest for at least 2 days before you do another test.
  6. After few days of rest do the test. Remember to warm up before the test and rest for at least 2 afterwards. The test will tell you which cycle to do next. It's not worth cheating during the test. It's better to repeat a cycle than start the next one if you aren't ready yet.
  7. After a 2 day break start your next training cycle.
  8. Follow the above instructions until you reach the last cycle (more than 60 push ups). When you reach the last cycle, you will be in a very good shape and you will be able to try to do 100 push ups. But remember – 30 is good enough to keep you fit and well built.
  9. After finishing the last training cycle take a break, relax and then do the test again. This time there's a big chance that you will reach the 100 Push Ups. If not, don't worry. Do the last cycle again, and do the test again. Every time you do that your strength and endurance will get higher and finally you will make it.

Good luck!