How to do a hundred pushups

21-25 Push Ups

If you did 21-25 push ups in the test
Day 1
60 seconds (or more) between sets
Day 4
60 seconds (or more) between sets
set 1 12 set 1 18
set 2 17 set 2 22
set 3 13 set 3 16
set 4 13 set 4 16
set 5 max (minimum 17) set 5 max (minimum 21)
Minimum 1 day break Minimum 1 day break
Day 2
  90 seconds (or more) between sets
Day 5
90 seconds (or more) between sets
set 1 14 set 1 20
set 2 19 set 2 25
set 3 14 set 3 20
set 4 14 set 4 20
set 5 max (minimum 19) set 5 max (minimum 23)
Minimum 1 day break Minimum 1 day break
Day 3
120 seconds (or more) between sets
Day 6
120 seconds (or more) between sets
set 1 16 set 1 23
set 2 21 set 2 28
set 3 15 set 3 22
set 4 15 set 4 22
set 5 max (minimum 21) set 5 max (minimum 25)
Minimum 2 day break Minimum 2 day break

Push-Up World Records

Push-ups have not only been a staple exercise for fitness enthusiasts but have also attracted record-setters and challengers across the world. The realm of push-up world records is both awe-inspiring and indicative of human physical potential. Let's delve into the world of push-up records, noting the remarkable feats achieved and the individuals who have worked tirelessly to set these benchmarks.

At the pinnacle of push-up records, you will find individuals who have taken the exercise to extremes, showcasing incredible strength, endurance, and determination.

Most push ups in 24 hours

For instance, Charles Servizio holds the record for the most push-ups completed in a 24-hour period. In 1993, Servizio achieved an astonishing 46,001 push-ups in a day, setting a benchmark that has challenged enthusiasts globally. This feat is not only a testament to his physical endurance but also his mental resilience, showcasing the human capacity to push beyond perceived limits.

Most push ups in one hour

But world records are not confined to just a 24-hour window. There are several categories that mark the achievements in different time frames, from the most push-ups in a minute to the most push-ups in an hour. These records often see fierce competition, with individuals continually striving to surpass the established records. In the category of the most push-ups in an hour, Pop Laurentiu set a record in by doing 3378 push-ups, showcasing not only strength but a remarkable pace that he managed to maintain over the duration.

Other categories of push ups achievements

Another intriguing category in the push-up world record sphere is the one-handed push-ups. These records exemplify not only strength but also an exceptional balance and body control. The record for the most one-handed push-ups in an hour stands at 1,868 and was set by Hiroyuki Gondou of Japan in 1988. This category is particularly captivating, as it displays an exquisite mastery over the art of push-ups, demanding a harmonious synchronization between strength and balance.

Age is no barrier when it comes to setting push-up world records. Various age groups have their separate categories, encouraging individuals from all walks of life to participate and strive for excellence. Even the younger generation is not left behind in this endeavor. For instance, in 2020, a 5-year-old named Rocco Wright from the UK managed to complete 35 push-ups in one minute, setting a record in his age group. This goes to show that push-up records are an inclusive field, fostering a spirit of challenge and achievement across age groups.

In addition to the recognized categories, push-up enthusiasts often create new and sometimes unconventional categories, integrating unique elements such as using the fingertips or completing push-ups with added weight. These variations bring a fresh perspective to the world of push-up records, inviting participants to explore different facets of physical fitness and challenge the norms.

An important aspect of these world records is the inspiration and motivation they provide to others. When individuals witness these remarkable feats, it fosters a sense of aspiration, encouraging others to improve their fitness levels and perhaps even attempt to break a record themselves. Moreover, these records often serve as fundraising platforms, where individuals or groups undertake push-up challenges to raise money for charitable causes, thereby adding a philanthropic dimension to the endeavor.

In conclusion, the world of push-up records is a dynamic and exciting space, filled with individuals showcasing remarkable physical prowess and determination. It stands as a testament to the potential of human strength and endurance, offering a platform where people can challenge themselves and aspire to reach new heights. The records set in various categories serve as benchmarks of excellence, encouraging a spirit of competition and perseverance. Whether it's pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a minute, an hour, or a day, these records exemplify the human spirit's never-ending quest for excellence, proving that with determination and hard work, incredible feats are achievable.