How to do a hundred pushups

How long exactly is 1 day break?

People often ask how long exactly is a 1 day break. Let's use an example to explain.

Example 1

Let's assume that the first day of the cycle starts on Monday. The rest of the cycle look as follows:

  • Tuesday is your 1 day break. You don't train on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday is the "day 2" of your training.

Example 2

Let's assume that the training cycle finishes on Friday. 2 days break mean that you rest through the weekend and do the test on Monday.

Remember - the above are only examples

These are only suggestions, you don't have to follow them. If you really think that you need to do push ups every day, read our answer to the question: Do I really have to take 1 day breaks.

On the other hand, if you feel that 1 day break is not enough for your muscles, do a longer break. Good regeneration will do you more good than over-training yourself.